Chosen Kin Origins

About Chosen Kin: A trio of humans with enhanced physical abilities are forced to set aside their differences and unite against powerful foes bent on annihilating the human race.

What is Chosen Kin Origins? Think Game of Thrones meet The Avengers... with a little Empire sprinkled in. It's the ultimate digital superhero series made for comic book fans.

iSparked Studios

iSparked Studios has been a labor of love a long time in the making. Developed with the intention of putting those underrepresented in Hollywood (along with those well represented) both in front of and behind the camera, we have endured our share of rejection from the “naysayers” in Hollywood. “Who wants to see a trio of multicultural superheroes?” “Or a series headlined with a diverse cast?” "Or a action movie starring a female lead?" They would ask. Our answer: “The same audience that comes in droves to see films like The Fast and Furious,” and “That watch a series like Supergirl or Blackish, or a movie like The Hunger Games” we answered. The answer was still “no” so we decided to take our own destiny into our hands and do it ourselves. Our love of films, TV, and comic books stem fuel our ability to combine fast paced entertainment values with the power of "Story Telling" to provoke individual and collective thought and hopefully change, while reflecting the diversity of the real world. We will bring top notch, entertaining series, movies, and interactive media to the small screen. As kids we were the comic nerds that waited eagerly for the latest version of The Avengers, and watched every episode of The Six Million Dollar Man and The Jeffersons. Now we are ready to bring our own quirky, entertaining projects to the screen.

Our in-house producers:

Neko Sparks     Trae Ireland     Anthony Young    Mitch McDowell

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