Episode 5 - Nightmares (watch more Episodes here)

Han and Romy's relationship is tested as Willow move in to replace him. Xavier and Santos close in on Han's involvement with Cheyenne's brutal murder.  Running time: 6 mins. Included with Season 1 Pass Rated MA for Mature Audiences

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Chosen Kin is an Interactive online Superhero Comic Book and Digital Series about a trio of humans with undeveloped super powers that are chosen to protect the earth against powerful foes bent on annihilating the human race. First, however, they must set aside their differences and learn to use the powers that lay dormant within them. Subscribe to Our Newsletter

What is Chosen Kin?

Think Game of Thrones meet The Avengers... with a little Empire sprinkled in. We want to make the ultimate superhero series that fans will love.


Half-Apok, Half-Human, she is the last remaining child of ailing elder Apok leader Li Kal. Rising through the ranks she has become ancient servant of the being known as Elemental X, protector of the earth. Tasked with identifying and readying the chosen for battle, she walks among earth's mortals undetected, preparing for war...


A former special forces Ranger, Mace has experienced enough war and blood shed to last a life time. Frequently haunted by the atrocities of battle inner-peace is seldom realized. Fractured relationships, run ins with law, and turmoil are oft the norm, still, he is a chosen one and the real war has yet to begin...


Orphaned at nine, he too has experienced the sort of life traumas that cripple the weak. A product of the streets, he was headed nowhere until he was rescued from juvenile hall by a kind school teacher and given a second chance. With life seemingly on track he has been unwittingly drawn into a war not of his making...

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