We're Going for an Emmy...

We're Going for an Emmy...

Chosen Kin Origins is Emmy Bound…

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In Hollywood getting an Emmy Nomination is a BIG deal and for a television series it’s the Holy Grail! No wonder major studios spend millions of dollars getting their projects nominated! Well… we’re not a major studio and we definitely don’t have millions of dollars at our disposal for a For Your Consideration Campaign (FYC) so we have to take the grassroots approach, and to do that we are going to need you… yes you!

How Can You Help?

  1. Watch Chosen Kin Origins on Amazon Prime or PJs and Pixels.

  2. Share The Link With Friends

  3. Post on Social Media

  4. Rate the Show on Amazon Prime or IMDb

That’s it!

Spread the word!

Oh yeah… be sure to hashtag #ChosenKinFYC

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